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Involved in a Dispute With Your Franchisor?

At Steffens & Rasmussen, we aggressively represent franchise owners who are involved in disputes with their franchisors. These disputes often arise when either the expectations or the obligations set forth in the franchise agreement are allegedly not met by one or both sides.

For example, a franchise owner may pursue litigation against a franchisor if the franchisor agreed to provide the franchisee with certain support or commitments when the business was set up, but then failed to follow through.

On the other hand, a franchisor may accuse the franchisee of failing to run the business pursuant to the terms and conditions of the franchise agreement, failing to pay fees or royalties, violating noncompete clauses or ignoring territorial operating clauses.

In any of these situations, Steffens & Rasmussen has the resources, experience and knowledge necessary to vigorously defend franchisees and their interests through the entire litigation process, from start to finish.

Litigation Isn’t the Only Option

In addition to having considerable litigation experience, we are also skilled at settling franchise disputes through negotiation, mediation and other alternative dispute resolution methods, which can help keep costs down.

At Steffens & Rasmussen, we understand that you don’t have an unlimited amount of money, time or energy to put into resolving your dispute with your franchisor, so we do everything in our power to settle the matter as efficiently as possible.

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